As the world changed in 2008 with the crash, so too did my career.

The day Lehman Brothers went bust, I was standing on top of Mt. Kilimanjaro with very little on my mind other than getting back down again. Others in my group (mostly bankers) had Blackberries with dodgy, intermittent coverage and had bits of messages coming through. Little did we know how bad the next few years were going to be across all sectors.

Due to the scarcity of pure editing work, I looked to my lifelong interests in the great outdoors, music & photography and leveraged those skills with editing to learn, practise and develop skills as a videographer. It’s a natural combination of the creative married with the technical & physical. I really enjoy the challenges it presents.

Since then it has been pretty interesting; from slums in Addis Ababa to cath labs in Eccles Street, forests in Ethiopia to paddocks in Kildare, production lines in west Cork to the National Opera House Wexford. And a lot of other stuff in between.

I have used a variety of mostly Canon systems in the intervening years, now settling on the C70 system for most of my work. It’s a little beast.