I’ve always enjoyed taking photographs, even as a small kid I pestered my Dad to have a go of his camera. I still have that camera to this day and it still works. In my teens my sister Liz further encouraged me by lending me her precious SLR which I took to gigs to shoot bands. She was very trusting because I was a feckless seventeen year old. Anyway, the camera survived and my skills improved.

I have been taking pictures ever since, and as the crash happened in 2008, I needed to broaden my horizons, so I represented myself as a photographer to the unsuspecting public. I became a beauty photographer and my first few attempts at studio lighting were truly horrific. But I persisted and gradually improved.

I think one of the main benefits of throwing myself into this new departure was that it got me in front of people again. Prior to the crash I’d been working for a company, spending a lot of solo time and not interacting, so this was a positive development.

I’ve met some really interesting people along the way.

This love of photography has fed into my life as a videographer.