Glanbia FYR 2020


I’ve been working with Glanbia plc producing, shooting and editing assets for their internal and external communications departments, filming and editing communications from CEO Siobhán Talbot and other senior execs. This execution of this work has become more challenging since the Covid-19 pandemic because much of it has to be achieved remotely. With a little coaching on lighting and camera placement and using recent phones & tablets and plenty of soft furnishings, you can achieve pretty good quality images and sound, so much of the recent material has been self-filmed.

It’s pretty impressive that Siobhán Talbot can prepare & record communications from her home office in Kilkenny and with a bit of work with collaborative tools like vimeo, and Dropbox, we can edit and distribute company wide to 7400 employees across 130 countries in 4 languages, all within a few hours.

Here’s the video I made for the website celebrating their 2020 full year results.

Glanbia full year results 2020

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