The last piece of kit to complete the C70 is an Atomos Shinobi which arrived in from

I’ve yet to discover whether the viewing position is more comfortable on the top handle or directly on the body. Time in the field will tell.

Page or Post?

Aside: I thought I’d better pay a little attention to the long forgotten website, so I dusted off WordPress, installed SSL and stuck up a few pages, but then wondered if some of them should’ve been posts instead. Here’s a set of suggestions from Bluehost.

Canon C70

I’ve been reading about the Canon C70 since its launch last year and decided it’d be good for my workflow. I placed an order in January and four weeks later it arrived. I’m still learning how to maximise its potential, but overall I’m really pleased with how it films and feels in the hand.

There’s no denying it’s a strange looking’ yoke, but it’s predecessor- the C100ii – was never going to win any beauty pageants either. I’m just hoping from the world of ugly cameras comes great pictures.

The DGO sensor produces amazing results, but it’s a steep learning curve.

Here’s a camera test I shot recently on the South Wall with Sigma 18-35, Viltrox EF-RF shooting mostly 50fps.