The Young Offenders wins at RTS awards

I finished editing seasons 2 and 3 of The Young Offenders around 16 months ago – it’s good to see it’s still out there in the world, winning best scripted comedy at the RTS Awards ahead of Brassic and Sex Education.

I spent a good chunk of the summer of 2019 editing in Cork with assistant Jackie Jarvis and co-editor Julian Ulrichs cutting blocks 2 and 4 of seasons two and three. A brilliant project to be involved in and really fun to work on. After finishing on location, we moved back to Dublin to resume in Windmill Lane Pictures to finish and deliver. My blocks were directed by Jim Archer and Simon Delaney, fantastic people to work with.

20 Shots of Opera

Irish National Opera – through its artistic director Fergus Sheil – embarked on an ambitious and audacious project in 2020 to fill the void of not being able to perform publicly – commissioning twenty new operas, short works of 6 to 8 minutes each. No particular brief was given, the only proviso was that they weren’t all about Covid-19.

Writers & librettists produced 20 pieces, then in collaboration with INO, series director Hugh O’Conor, lighting designer Paul Keogan, set designer Sarah Bacon and an amazing host of others totalling 160, we staged and shot 18 of the 20 operas in 10 days in The Gaiety in Dublin in November 2020.

I filmed 15 of the 20, with additional filming by Hugh O’Conor and Blat Garcia. I brought them into the cutting room immediately after the shoot and collaborated through Dropbox. & vimeo with Hugh and the creative team to finish and deliver for launch on Dec 17th. An incredible achievement by all considering the restrictions under which the entire production operated.

All operas can be viewed here on INO’s micro site. Below is one of my favourites – Libris Solar – a really incredible piece of music from Jennifer Walshe performed by the amazing Claudia Boyle, directed by Tom Creed.

Music Videos

I began cutting music videos in 1988 and over the decades I’ve had the privilege to edit for a mad array of musicians.

Here are a a few of my favourites:

Bob Dylan | Series of Dreams, 1991
Dir | Meiert Avis, roto | Charlie Whisker
Sonic Youth | Silver Rocket
Dir | Charles Atlas
Bruce Springsteen | Leap of Faith
Dir | Meiert Avis
U2 | Until the End of the World
Dir | Richie Smyth
Venus in Furs/Velvet Underground/Michael Clark & Leigh Bowery NSFW

Mater Private Network: Heart & Vascular Centre

I’ve been collaborating with Mater Private Network for the last few years producing, shooting and editing assets for their Day Hospitals, Virus Control Dept, Urgent Cardiac Care centre and making profile pieces for their cardiology consultants.

This fascinating work gives insight into their teamwork, mentoring and the technology they use to improve peoples lives.

Here’s a recent promo made with producer Ned O’Hanlon for their Heart & Vascular Centre


Glanbia FYR 2020

I’ve been working with Glanbia plc producing, shooting and editing assets for their internal and external communications departments, filming and editing communications from CEO Siobhán Talbot and other senior execs. This execution of this work has become more challenging since the Covid-19 pandemic because much of it has to be achieved remotely. With a little coaching on lighting and camera placement and using recent phones & tablets and plenty of soft furnishings, you can achieve pretty good quality images and sound, so much of the recent material has been self-filmed.

It’s pretty impressive that Siobhán Talbot can prepare & record communications from her home office in Kilkenny and with a bit of work with collaborative tools like vimeo, and Dropbox, we can edit and distribute company wide to 7400 employees across 130 countries in 4 languages, all within a few hours.

Here’s the video I made for the website celebrating their 2020 full year results.

Glanbia full year results 2020

Inside the K

Immediately after finishing on seasons 2 & 3 of The Young Offenders comedy, I was contacted by Empire Elite to work on Inside the K – a fly on the wall series following the Gardaí in the K District, one of the tougher districts in Dublin. The series was filmed, directed and produced by Shauna Keogh, an amazing, fearless woman who has put herself in extraordinary situations to capture the stories in this show.

It premiered on Virgin Media One on March 4th and immediately broke viewer records, creating a massive stir on social media.