I collaborate with in-house teams to help create the video content they can’t make on their own.

I am a very experienced award winning freelance film editor and videographer who has worked on feature films, music videos, TV commercials, short films, TV drama, opera productions, corporate films and the NGO sector. My most recent works are A History of the World in Six Glasses (Fox Nation), the feature film Tripped Up (Decal/Universal for Lunch Hour Productions), multiple corporate films for Mater Private Network and Glanbia plc.

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Below are two short reels.

Why intercuts?

For a start, the surname Chaloner – you can spell it about seven different ways so it’s easy to get wrong. Then, intercutting or cross cutting is an editing technique where you switch between two scenes concurrently to give a sense of tension & pace. And finally, when I was working in LA while still living in Dublin, I had the beginnings of an idea for remote editing, where there could be an identical set of media in two separate locations, and you could use (then) fledgling non-linear editing machines to edit remotely, thus inter(national) cut(ting). Ironic that thirty years later this has almost become the norm.